Are you going to Italy? Are you hiring a car? This is a cautionary tale of woe for visitors driving in Italy that could have been avoided with a £9.00 map!

Isn’t that beautiful?  Once of the most famous views in the world and our lovely accounts lady and her husband certainly thought so when they booked a touring holiday in Italy in July 2017.  They hired a car from the UK, booked their hotels and, in most cases, booked and paid for parking at the hotels, in various cities, in advance.  They wish they’d also thought to buy Touring Car Italiano City Street Maps (the Italian equivalent of AA) for the cities they were visiting because it would have saved them... Read More

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Christmas is a-coming

Yes, we’re really sorry to tell you but Christmas is most definitely around the corner.  In the Northern hemisphere, the leaves are changing and falling, the nights are getting longer, misty mornings are with us and there’s the scent of wet earth in the air. We’ve been working hard to bring our different gift products to our customers, providing novel,interesting and often unique bespoke and personalised items for even the most difficult of relative or friend including a range of scratch-off maps covering everything from skiing to whiskey . This year,... Read More

Map Scales 05/10/2018
Map Scale

Map Scales

It has been a little while since we blogged about map practicalities and thought it was time for a bit of a refresh, so here’s our potted guide to map scales: What does the map scale mean? One way of explaining the scale is say for a 1:25,000 map, one unit on the map, whether centimetres or inches, is 25,000 times bigger in real life on the ground. So of example if a road is 1cm on the map at 1:25,000 scale, in real life the road is 25,000 centimetres... Read More

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Recently we had an unusual request from a customer who wanted a map of Australia for her local swimming pool.  Members of the pool have set themselves various challenges over the years, initially to swim lengths the equivalent distance of around Great Britain, and then more recently to see how far south they could get.  Recently, they had clocked up the distance equivalent to reaching landfall in Australia, and this season they are going to see how far they can get around Australia!  Hence the map to plot their achievements!... Read More

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Don’t live life on the edge!

One of the blogs I personally enjoy following is that of Rev’d Claire Maxim, the blog has nothing to do with my working life, but does appeal to my spiritual life.  However, for me the two coincided in a recent post, when Rev’d Claire mentioned a map that had been given to her by one or her new parishioners of her local area.  If you should want a similar map, we can oblige, creating OS 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 of your chosen location in England, Scotland or Wales, where for once... Read More


Commemorating World War One

I had a customer call the other day who wished to commemorate the first world war, by cycling the route of the front from Pfetterhouse to Nieuport.  He was looking into purchasing the 1:25 000 scale Bleue Series French IGN maps, until I pointed out that it would take at least 40-50 maps to cover the route, more possibly depending on which line of the front he followed.  However, he might have preferred to view the new IGN map Grande Guerre 1914-1918 which shows in detail the various front lines... Read More


Greenland and the North Pole

I had a fascinating time this morning reviewing this map for a customer, especially the side showing the North Pole and all the area within 55-60 degrees latitude. So often on a flat map this area is badly distorted as it is stretched across the top edge of the sheet (unless of course it is an upside down map!), and most globes on stands are fixed by the poles!  However with this map it is possible to see just however the counties in the northern polar region relate to each... Read More



If you are considering going to Ireland, this has to be one of the best atlases available of Ireland, at least that is our opinion! At a scale of 1:210 000, this atlas last published in 2013, includes road maps of the whole island of Ireland with city maps and town plans with a complete index of places.


Historic Maps

We have had a lot of interest recently in the ‘new’ historic map of our home town of Melksham! Alan Godfrey who publishes these maps clearly loves local history and virtually every map is accompanied by text on the reverse describing the history of the area, or a local directory of businesses of the time of the map.  We are constantly updating our website to keep up with the range produced by Alan Godfrey Maps, so if you can’t see your local area now, please check with us, and it... Read More