August 2013


What to do with old maps!

I have now found out why my desk was covered with glue and scraps of paper earlier this week!  A ‘crafty’ friend is currently making this beautiful map chair covered with old British road maps!   When it is complete the chair will be sold to raise funds for the Wiltshire Scrap Store, who have already sold similar chairs covered with scraps of comics and wall paper. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Ideas and Activities


While staying up north recently Mapsareus made a visit to Lindisfarne or Holy Island, just off the Northumberland coast.  This tiny island which can only be reached by crossing the tidal causeway, has many attractions for those who like the quieter life.  Mapsareus particularly enjoyed the bird watching and he took this photo of a Puffin with a mouth full of sand eels. The Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is the winter home for many wildfowl and wading birds, making it a haven for the bird watchers among you.  The island... Read More

Ideas and Activities

GoGo Gorillas in Norwich

I finally got to Norwich at the weekend and had great fun with my two younger nieces hunting down gorillas!  The standard of artwork on some of these gorillas is just amazing, and some of the artists must have spent many hours perfecting their creations.  Congratulations to all involved and let’s hope plenty of fun has been had by all the visitors and the charities involved all benefit.  The re-painted Freddie is back in place, and although not officially part of the numbered trail, we also found the Alan Partridge... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Yarn bombers at Saltburn Pier

Mapareus was surprised to come across the evidence of “yarn bombers” or “guerilla knitters” on Saltburn Pier recently!  Personally I love these slightly quirky displays of street art, and love to see them.  Have you any photos of “yarn bombers” art? Related articles Yarn Bombed Plants (

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More ‘room with a view’

My sister is currently having to stay in temporary accommodation while re-building work slowly progresses on her house.  However there are compensations when your temporarily accommodation comes with a view like this one.  Similar views can be had from the chalets and other holiday lets available at Pentney Lakes, near Kings Lynn.  What is your best view?

Ideas and Activities

Room with a view!

I am sure many people have gone on holiday and found themselves staying somewhere with a stunning view!  My niece is currently working in Sydney and this is her view from her apartment!  Why not send us your view and a brief note about the location, and we will publish some on the blog.