November 2013


Pigs do fly!

This little fellow has been having a busy time of it of late, he lives in our office and whenever we want to try to achieve the near impossible he gets sent flying across the room! Lots of changes have been happening on our website recently, and for the moment his flying lessons are over … not for long though, as we continue to try to improve the shopping experience for our customers! Related articles When Pigs Fly…I Mean Swim ( Picture of the Day: Ultimate Proof That Pigs Can... Read More


Historic Maps

We have had a lot of interest recently in the ‘new’ historic map of our home town of Melksham! Alan Godfrey who publishes these maps clearly loves local history and virtually every map is accompanied by text on the reverse describing the history of the area, or a local directory of businesses of the time of the map.  We are constantly updating our website to keep up with the range produced by Alan Godfrey Maps, so if you can’t see your local area now, please check with us, and it... Read More



Is it a horse or is it a lamp, you decide? Spotted in Zizzi’s Winchester. Related articles Exploring Winchester (


Barty’s Cafe – Wiltshire Scrapstore

PLEASE VOTE ON 0871 626 88 95 The Wiltshire Scrapstore has made it to the finals of the Peoples Millions Competition which is run in partnership with the local ITV 6pm News.A short film about the work of the Scrapstore will be aired on the 6pm ITV local news on Wednesday 27th November.The Scrapstore are seeking funding to develop a community cafe at the Scrapstore. This will become the social hub of the charity; it is a service that many Scrapstore users have been asking them to provide for a... Read More



I managed to capture this sunset on my phone just outside the office a few days ago, looking south west towards Semington!


Old Maps!

Mapsareus has been sorting though some old maps that belong to his father-in-law.  These maps are absolutely fascinating, and apparently some are quite valuable! The ones shown above are original Ordnance Survey maps dating from 1920, although we can re-print these maps in our office, there is something very appealing about handling the originals!