January 2014

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Commemorating World War One

I have just been listening to the radio as they were discussing letters between the soldiers at the front and those at home, and how often on both sides they tried to make light of the conditions they found themselves in.  However, I cannot forget my introduction to the War Poets when I was at school and in particular Wilfred Owen, who opened my eyes to the time and conditions, even if I do not understand poetry in general!  Perhaps in poetry, it was easier to be honest about the... Read More


Commemorating World War One

One hundred years ago this year, saw the start of one of the most devastating wars our world has known, with over 37 million civilian and military casualties, and over 16 million people killed.  Maps such as the one above, and the one below show how in places the front line barely moved during the entire war, and yet these areas are doted with thousands of graves of those who died on the battlefield, many of them sadly unknown. Like most people, I know of at least one relative, buried... Read More