August 2016

Ideas and Activities

Iles Lavezzi

The Iles Lavezzi are a group of small, rocky islands that lie part way between Corsica and Sardinia. They are easily reachable by boat from Bonifacio and are an absolute “must do” on my list of things to visit In high season, be sure to book in advance.. Spring is the ideal time to visit. That tip […] via Stroll around Ile Lavezzi — Travel with Intent

Ideas and Activities

You never stop learning, if you never stop travelling!

Travel, it teaches you so much. Some things you learn at the time, while others you learn afterwards upon reflection. They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, and I totally agree. :: Travel brings you lifelong friends. Two of my very best friends are ones that I […] via Lessons Learnt From Travel — WhatAWonderfulWorld

Ideas and Activities

The giant high street retailer Paperchase has recently released a collection of high quality products which feature official A-Z map designs. From passport covers to notebooks, these quirky designs have proven to be popular since their release in June. Created in collaboration with ourselves and Rocket Licensing, each product features different areas of the UK… via A-Z Collection at Paperchase — A-Z Maps