October 2013

Ideas and Activities

Street furniture

Viewing some of the other blogs I have seen in recent weeks, made me look a little more carefully at some of the details around the streets in Berlin recently, which was how I came to take some of these photos. Unfortunately, the weather was not too good during most of our trip, hence the grey skies! However we did find some brighter images! Related articles Postcard Travel Tip – Berlin, Germany ( The Kitchen Café – Berlin (


Garden colour

I am love the colours of Autumn, and last week just before the winds started to pick up I took these photos in my garden, including my very own ‘firewall’ as the Virginia Creeper on the garage at the end of my garden turned beautiful red and golds! Within 24 hours of taking this photo nearly every leaf had blown off the wall! My Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum dissectum, similarly lost most of its leaves shortly after this photo …  the best colours are so fleeting!

Ideas and Activities


On a very wet day in Berlin, we ended up in the Kurfurstendamm, and spend the early part of the day at The Story of Berlin, including a exploring a nuclear bunker built in the 1970’s.  Later we made our way to Kaufhaus des Westens, famously known as KaDaWe, and especially the amazing 6th floor food hall! Anyone who has ever been to this store will be familiar with the stunning array of food of every variety.  For example I had no idea there were so many types of tea,... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Welcome to ‘erlin!

As anyone who has read this blog before will know, I love street art, especially the decorated animal statures that have frequented our cities in recent years.  So when heading to Berlin I was looking forward to finding the various Buddy Bears that currently live in the city.  So I was delighted to find “Welcome to ‘erlin” (someone had rubbed the B away) shortly after my arrival in the city not far from the Brandenburg Gate. However many of the other Buddy Bears proved to be elusive, or maybe just... Read More