July 2013


Which map do I need?

One of the key parts of my role at Maps Worldwide is assisting customers with their queries and finding the most appropriate map for their needs.  This often involves quite a bit of extensive research as I try to find the obscure town , village or location they are travelling to then find the appropriate paper maps covering the area, whether they are walking, cycling, driving or just exploring.  I am fortunate in this part of my role as I love the challenge this provides and I am constantly improving... Read More

Ideas and Activities


Later this year K and I are off to spend a few days in Berlin, this will be our first visit and we are anxious to try and see as much of the city as possible.  K is already busy planning the itinerary, which for us will be based around the 20th Century history of the city.  However we are still open to ideas of places to visit and things to see, and if we can fit everything in, I will report about it later after our visit. Related articles... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Cyprus 3

When I travel, I am not one for sitting on a beach, although I love swimming in the warm Mediterranean sea off Cyprus.  Instead you are far more likely to find K and I exploring the cultural sights .  Cyprus has a rich heritage of Greco-Roman sights such as Pathos and Kourion.  With fantastic mosaics, these places are well worth the visit and are so extensive that even on busy days, they do not appear crowded.  Friends of ours who live on the island regularly go to performances music and... Read More


Train disaster

Anyone following the news today must have been shocked by the loss of life in the Spanish rail crash, near the city of Santiago de Compostela. We join with others around the world with our thoughts and prayers for all those injured or killed and all those of the emergency services and others who are involved in rescuing them, or caring for the injured and the relatives.


Commonwealth Games

With yesterday’s launch of the countdown to the 2014 Commonwealth Games, by Sir Chris Hoy, in Glasgow, it is good to see that some publishers are already updating their maps to reflect the new sporting venues.  One such, is Discovering Glasgow by HarperCollins.  I strongly suspect that after the success and enthusiasm generated by last years Olympic Games, much more interest will be taken in next years games, than in previous such events.  I wonder if this will mean even more people volunteering to assist at the games …  have... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Cyprus 2

While we were staying in the Troodos mountains last year, we took the opportunity to visit the rather elaborately decorated Kykkos Monastery, renowned as the place where the first President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III served as a novice.  Unlike in the painted churches, it is possible to photograph the many modern mosaics and paintings that surround the courtyard of the monastery without the risk of causing damage, although out of respect of those present who wished to worship or venerate the icons in the church, we... Read More

Ideas and Activities


Twice in recent years, we have spent time in Cyprus and have enjoyed exploring the history and culture of this fascinating divided island.  Last year K and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a few days exploring the region around the Troodos mountains.  We stayed in a slightly quirky inn in old Kakopetria, which was an adventure in itself, although we could not have been looked after better.  We used this as a base to explore many of the painted churches in the area.  The detail and use... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Kennet & Avon Canal

Walking and cycling along the canal towpaths has proved very popular in recent years, and we are very lucky here, to have the Kennet and Avon Canal run just to the south of our office.  With the very impressive flight of locks at Caen Hill only a few miles away! However, we could be even closer to a canal in the next few years with the plans to restore the Wilts & Berks Canal, with the result that it will run just past our office, although the part around Melksham... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Space and Dr. Who!

OK, so I don’t own a TARDIS, and I cannot travel through time and space, but the inner child still loves Dr. Who!  Yesterday, I caught up on this years Dr. Who Prom, broadcast by the BBC, and really enjoyed it, but freaked out one of our drivers who came into collect his packages only to hear “Exterminate” as he entered the office!  I for one will be looking out for the new series and the 50th Anniversary program later in the year. As far as I know, no-one has... Read More