IMG_1543Recently we had an unusual request from a customer who wanted a map of Australia for her local swimming pool.  Members of the pool have set themselves various challenges over the years, initially to swim lengths the equivalent distance of around Great Britain, and then more recently to see how far south they could get.  IMG_1534Recently, they had clocked up the distance equivalent to reaching landfall in Australia, and this season they are going to see how far they can get around Australia!  Hence the map to plot their achievements!  What an incentive for regular swimmers at Wivey Pool!  We wish them every luck with clocking up the lengths this year, and celebrating the pools 90th birthday in 2017.IMG_1542


  • Cool concept! XOXO – Bacon

  • Thanks Bacon, we thought so too! Flying Pig sends greetings!

  • They MADE IT! And now they are planning on taking on the Pacific!!
    Well done Wiveliscombe Swimming Pool