Ideas and Activities

Christmas is a-coming

Yes, we’re really sorry to tell you but Christmas is most definitely around the corner.  In the Northern hemisphere, the leaves are changing and falling, the nights are getting longer, misty mornings are with us and there’s the scent of wet earth in the air. We’ve been working hard to bring our different gift products to our customers, providing novel,interesting and often unique bespoke and personalised items for even the most difficult of relative or friend including a range of scratch-off maps covering everything from skiing to whiskey . This year,... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Australia Revisited

Earlier this year, we featured Wivelscombe Swimming Club who purchased a map of Australia, with the intention of swimming the equivalent of the length of the East Coast Today I have heard they have swam the length of the coast from Northern Australia to the Gold Coast, some 3,300 miles – What an achievement. Next they are planning to swim the equivalent of the Pacific!

Ideas and Activities


Recently we had an unusual request from a customer who wanted a map of Australia for her local swimming pool.  Members of the pool have set themselves various challenges over the years, initially to swim lengths the equivalent distance of around Great Britain, and then more recently to see how far south they could get.  Recently, they had clocked up the distance equivalent to reaching landfall in Australia, and this season they are going to see how far they can get around Australia!  Hence the map to plot their achievements!... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Giant Snails

My niece is currently working in Sydney, and has come across a number of giant neon molluscs who have appeared in the city in recent days.  These vibrant snails are part of the Art and About Festival in Sydney and will be around for the next month.  Made of recycled plastic the snails are designed to encourage people to consider more sustainable environments. As art projects go, I can’t help thinking these snails lack some of the endearing nature and public appeal of many of the other art projects included... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Round the Twist

Do you remember “Round the Twist” the Australian children’s television series about three children and their father who live in a lighthouse, and had various magical adventures.  I know my children loved it! My niece who is currently in Australia, recent took a trip along the the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, and came across the Split Point Lighthouse used in the series.  I guess she must have been a fan of the show as well, as this caused great excitement!  So which places from TV have you visited recently?... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Room with a view!

I am sure many people have gone on holiday and found themselves staying somewhere with a stunning view!  My niece is currently working in Sydney and this is her view from her apartment!  Why not send us your view and a brief note about the location, and we will publish some on the blog.