South Africa

Ideas and Activities

Christmas is a-coming

Yes, we’re really sorry to tell you but Christmas is most definitely around the corner.  In the Northern hemisphere, the leaves are changing and falling, the nights are getting longer, misty mornings are with us and there’s the scent of wet earth in the air. We’ve been working hard to bring our different gift products to our customers, providing novel,interesting and often unique bespoke and personalised items for even the most difficult of relative or friend including a range of scratch-off maps covering everything from skiing to whiskey . This year,... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Garden Route

Some friends came into the office the other day looking for maps of South Africa’s Garden Route.  although I have been aware of this route for sometime, I did not know much about it so decided it was high time to do some research! Stretching from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, the Garden Route runs along the Indian Coast  of South Africa, but it is not a route to be hurried, instead I would suggest a leisurely drive with plenty of stops to explore the area.  With beautiful beaches on... Read More


Nelson Mandela

Today the world is commemorating the life of Nelson Mandela, a man who went to prison as a freedom fighter, and some would say a terrorist, but who emerged demonstrating Christ-like grace and humanity.  We still have much to learn from this man. Related articles What Can We Learn from Nelson Mandela? (dyannebrown.com) 12 Nelson Mandela Quotes to Remember Him By (everyjoe.com) Nelson Mandela: The quiet dignity of the man (themisirpost.wordpress.com)