Map Scales 05/10/2018
Map Scale

Map Scales

It has been a little while since we blogged about map practicalities and thought it was time for a bit of a refresh, so here’s our potted guide to map scales: What does the map scale mean? One way of explaining the scale is say for a 1:25,000 map, one unit on the map, whether centimetres or inches, is 25,000 times bigger in real life on the ground. So of example if a road is 1cm on the map at 1:25,000 scale, in real life the road is 25,000 centimetres... Read More


Greenland and the North Pole

I had a fascinating time this morning reviewing this map for a customer, especially the side showing the North Pole and all the area within 55-60 degrees latitude. So often on a flat map this area is badly distorted as it is stretched across the top edge of the sheet (unless of course it is an upside down map!), and most globes on stands are fixed by the poles!  However with this map it is possible to see just however the counties in the northern polar region relate to each... Read More


Historic Maps

We have had a lot of interest recently in the ‘new’ historic map of our home town of Melksham! Alan Godfrey who publishes these maps clearly loves local history and virtually every map is accompanied by text on the reverse describing the history of the area, or a local directory of businesses of the time of the map.  We are constantly updating our website to keep up with the range produced by Alan Godfrey Maps, so if you can’t see your local area now, please check with us, and it... Read More


Which map do I need?

One of the key parts of my role at Maps Worldwide is assisting customers with their queries and finding the most appropriate map for their needs.  This often involves quite a bit of extensive research as I try to find the obscure town , village or location they are travelling to then find the appropriate paper maps covering the area, whether they are walking, cycling, driving or just exploring.  I am fortunate in this part of my role as I love the challenge this provides and I am constantly improving... Read More