Which map do I need? (map indexes)

Sometimes, it is difficult to work out which map you need from the name of the map. For most of the products in our catalogue, an index is already attached to the product, however, there are a few where the file is so large that we cannot attach it   Fortunately some map companies have provided a helpful index.  Click on the links to see the index

ALPS - general

Kompass maps mainly cover the alps, you can see a PDF here 


Alpenveiren Topographic walking/hiking maps


Belgian IGN - This is now a link directly to the Belgian IGN Website, you will need to select from either the 1:10000, 1:20/25000 or 1:50000 series to find the map(s) you require.


Editions Du Breil - Fluviale Carte index (books of navigable canals and rivers including Canal Du Midi)

IGN Blue Series 1:25000 topographic index

IGN Top 75 Series

IGN Top 100 Series

IGN Department Road Maps

IGN Regional Maps


OS Ireland


Tabacco (NE Italy) 1:25000


Turkart 1:25000

Turkart 1:50000

Turkart 1:100000

National Tourist Route Maps

Norge Serien 1:50000


Turinta Road Maps 1:300,000

M586 Series 1:250,000

M783 Series 1:50,000

M888 Series 1:25,000

M889 Series 1:25,000 (Azores)

P821 Series 1:25,000 (Madeira)


CNIG 1:25000, 1:50000 and Provincial Maps - This is a link directly to the CNIG website.  Select the appropriate map type from the drop down box.  Each pink pin represents the centre of a map.


Lantmateriet 1:50,000

Lantmateriet 1:100,000


Bundesamt 1:25,000

Bundesamt 1:33,333 Hiking

Bundesamt 1:50,000

Bundesamt 1:50,000 Snowshoe

Bundesamt 1:50,000 Hiking

Bundesamt 1:100,000

Bundesamt: 1:200,000


OS Index (Explorer and Landranger) - This is now a link directly to the OS Website, you will need to select from either the Explorer or Landranger series to find the map(s) you require.