National GetOutside Day 2018 21/09/2018
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National GetOutside Day

On Sunday 30 September 2018, Ordanance Survey want us all to “GetOutside”.  So much so, that they’ve created a special day for it, the National GetOutside Day. There are three ways to take part: 1. Join a National Walk Meet the OS GetOutside Champions Ben Fogle, Sean Conway, Kenton Cool and Mel Nicholls who will be taking part in some of the guided walks. 2. Join a Regional Walk And it’s not just walks!  There are events being organised all around the UK Mainland which include: Walking Swimming Cycling Nordic... Read More


Swedish maps get a makeover

Lantmäteriet (National Land Survey of Sweden) and Nordstedts have revamped their 1:50,000 range of Topographic maps of Sweden this month, replacing the Terrangkartan series with the new ‘Sverigeserien’ (Sweden Series).  These are very similar to the Nordeca ‘Norgeserien’ (Norway Series) maps and are clearly designed for outdoor use having a similar cardboard cover around a water and tear resistant map printed on Polyart.  The maps can be folded repeatedly without breaking or tearing which makes them idea for frequent use in both winter and summer. Each map covers a larger... Read More

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South West Wales

Last week we had a few days leave in South West Wales staying near St. David’s.  We had one really warm day walking around Stackpole Head.  This area of coast is administered by the National Trust and includes a beautiful secluded sandy bay. The walk so so enjoyable, that I did not take many photos, but I liked the keyhole rocks along the coast. Some had taken to the sea for a spot of fishing!

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Quiet week!!

I  have a few days leave next week, and rather than going far, K and I are planning a real ‘staycation’ exploring the Cotswolds.  Living nearby we always tend to travel through the Cotswolds en route to distance places, so we have decided to change that this year.  I find I am quite looking forward to a quiet week of gentle walks, exploring and cake!

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Meet Alice! Alice Nutter from the village of Roughlee was one of those accused of witchcraft and executed in 1612 as one of the Pendle Witches.  Unlike many of the others accused, Alice was a comparatively wealthy woman, who apart from entered a ‘not guilty’ plea at her trial, did not speak.  It is possible that with a number of Catholic relatives (two of whom had already been executed as Jesuit priests), she was herself a Catholic and and refused to speak for fear of incriminating others.  This statue commemorating... Read More


Walking, Beer and Trains!

At the weekend, Mapsareus was able to combine three of his greatest pleasures in one afternoon. Walking, real ale and steam trains!  I am not sure which came first, but I suspect the lure of real ale was the main purpose of the afternoon! The ale was supplied by Box Steam Brewery, a local micro-brewery which produces beers with fabulous names like “Tunnel Vision” “Piston Broke”, “Ghost Train” and “Whistle Blower” (I like the names even though I am not a beer drinker!).  The brewery is linked with two pubs... Read More


Which map do I need?

One of the key parts of my role at Maps Worldwide is assisting customers with their queries and finding the most appropriate map for their needs.  This often involves quite a bit of extensive research as I try to find the obscure town , village or location they are travelling to then find the appropriate paper maps covering the area, whether they are walking, cycling, driving or just exploring.  I am fortunate in this part of my role as I love the challenge this provides and I am constantly improving... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Kennet & Avon Canal

Walking and cycling along the canal towpaths has proved very popular in recent years, and we are very lucky here, to have the Kennet and Avon Canal run just to the south of our office.  With the very impressive flight of locks at Caen Hill only a few miles away! However, we could be even closer to a canal in the next few years with the plans to restore the Wilts & Berks Canal, with the result that it will run just past our office, although the part around Melksham... Read More


Walking maps of France

3630OTR: Chamonix and Massif du Mont Blanc Waterproof Map Walking maps of the Mont Blanc region of France are popular at any time of the year, and recently IGN have added maps printed on water resistant to their catalogue. These maps are the same as the normal paper 1:25 000 Blue Series paper maps but are printed on the water resistant material, a great advantage to the user as they weigh almost the same as the paper map, but are much more durable. The printing seems sharper and easier to... Read More

Map Scale

What scale do I need?

We regularly get customers who are confused about the scale of maps and what it means.  Basically, most maps have a scale given as a ratio, and the scale of a map is defined as the ratio of a distance on the map to the corresponding distance on the ground.  Therefore a scale of 1:100 000 means that for every one unit on the map, it represents 100 000 units on the ground; the unit can be inches, centimetres, tiddlywinks or chocolate biscuits, as long as they are both the... Read More