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National GetOutside Day 2018 21/09/2018
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National GetOutside Day

On Sunday 30 September 2018, Ordanance Survey want us all to “GetOutside”.  So much so, that they’ve created a special day for it, the National GetOutside Day. There are three ways to take part: 1. Join a National Walk Meet the OS GetOutside Champions Ben Fogle, Sean Conway, Kenton Cool and Mel Nicholls who will be taking part in some of the guided walks. 2. Join a Regional Walk And it’s not just walks!  There are events being organised all around the UK Mainland which include: Walking Swimming Cycling Nordic... Read More


Last minute Christmas Gift?

It is clear from recent orders that some people are still searching for that last minute Christmas gifts online! We can produce these print on demand bespoke maps of the UK using historical or current mapping from the Ordnance Survey.  We print these maps in our office and can dispatch them on the same or next working day by courier.  So if you are stuck for a gift idea, how about a modern or historical map of your chosen location? Simply either place your order online or ring me on... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Map Stamps

While helping his father-in-law to move house, Mapsareus found a large number of Royal Mail stamp collections, including this set from 1991 depicting the development of Ordnance Survey mapping from late Victorian times to the then, present day.  Like all maps over a period of time the stamps, which all show the same section of Hamstreet in Kent, also show the development of the area over the same period.  As with all maps I never get tired of viewing the history of an area from maps of various ages. Related... Read More


Historic Maps

We have had a lot of interest recently in the ‘new’ historic map of our home town of Melksham! Alan Godfrey who publishes these maps clearly loves local history and virtually every map is accompanied by text on the reverse describing the history of the area, or a local directory of businesses of the time of the map.  We are constantly updating our website to keep up with the range produced by Alan Godfrey Maps, so if you can’t see your local area now, please check with us, and it... Read More


Old Maps!

Mapsareus has been sorting though some old maps that belong to his father-in-law.  These maps are absolutely fascinating, and apparently some are quite valuable! The ones shown above are original Ordnance Survey maps dating from 1920, although we can re-print these maps in our office, there is something very appealing about handling the originals!