Are you going to Italy? Are you hiring a car? This is a cautionary tale of woe for visitors driving in Italy that could have been avoided with a £9.00 map!

Isn’t that beautiful?  Once of the most famous views in the world and our lovely accounts lady and her husband certainly thought so when they booked a touring holiday in Italy in July 2017.  They hired a car from the UK, booked their hotels and, in most cases, booked and paid for parking at the hotels, in various cities, in advance.  They wish they’d also thought to buy Touring Car Italiano City Street Maps (the Italian equivalent of AA) for the cities they were visiting because it would have saved them... Read More

Ideas and Activities

Diga del Cingino dam

I was sent these photos from the Diga del Cingino dam in Italy yesterday.  You may have already seen them, but if not enjoy looking for the “spots” on the dam wall! As you get closer the “spots” are more visible. They are European Ibex and they like to eat the moss and lichen growing on the wall. They also are licking the salt off the stone. Isn’t it incredible they can stand at that angle ? Just when you think you’ve seen everything! This dam is situated close to the Swiss... Read More


Crumpled City Maps

How often have you struggled to fold a paper map, especially in a confined space on a busy city street?  Designers in Italy have come up with a solution to this problem with the crumpled city maps.  These innovative maps are not printed on paper, instead using a lightweight, waterproof and tear resistant fabric, the map can just be crumpled back into its handy carry pouch when you have finished with it.  I particularly like the colourful junior maps, just right for encouraging young people to engage with maps, without... Read More