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Crumpled City Maps

How often have you struggled to fold a paper map, especially in a confined space on a busy city street?  Designers in Italy have come up with a solution to this problem with the crumpled city maps.  These innovative maps are not printed on paper, instead using a lightweight, waterproof and tear resistant fabric, the map can just be crumpled back into its handy carry pouch when you have finished with it.  I particularly like the colourful junior maps, just right for encouraging young people to engage with maps, without... Read More

Ideas and Activities


Gibraltar has been much in the news lately, but how much do most of us know about this tiny British Overseas Territory, especially if you have never been there.   For example I was fascinated and somewhat horrified to discover that the main road running north-south, and linking Gibraltar with the mainland is crossed by the runway for the airport, with the result that traffic has to wait for planes to land or take off! I don’t fancy running the risk of jumping those lights! Then there are those Barbary macaques,... Read More


Bodiam Castle

While mapsareus may have travelled up north for his holiday, recently I spent a few days in West Sussex.  This is a great area for those with even a vague interest in British history, as we were only a few miles from the site of the famous Battle of Hastings, but more about that another day.  While we in the area we went to Bodiam Castle.  This castle must fulfil every child’s dream of what a ‘proper’ castle should look like, as it is surrounded by a water filled moat,... Read More

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Bamburgh Castle

Mapareus is currently on holiday in the north of England and has today sent me these photos of the beautiful globes in Bamburgh Castle.  It is difficult to get a true perspective of the actual size of these globes in the magnificent setting of the restored King’s Hall, although I am told that they are bigger than the majority of modern globes currently available.  Globes offer a treasure trove of information, not just of the geography of the world, but the political and cultural history of the period.  Bamburgh Castle... Read More

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City views

As I said recently, K and I are heading to Berlin later this year, to explore the city, and one of the things we hope to do while there is view the city from one of the high points.  In the last year, we have had the opportunity to view both London and Paris from similar high points, The Shard on a grey and wet day in March and the Eiffel Tower last November.  Both The Shard and the Eiffel Tower provide fascinating views of the city and we spent... Read More


Which map do I need?

One of the key parts of my role at Maps Worldwide is assisting customers with their queries and finding the most appropriate map for their needs.  This often involves quite a bit of extensive research as I try to find the obscure town , village or location they are travelling to then find the appropriate paper maps covering the area, whether they are walking, cycling, driving or just exploring.  I am fortunate in this part of my role as I love the challenge this provides and I am constantly improving... Read More