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World Political Laminated Wall Map: Michelin 3701  £13.99

Giant World Political Laminated Wall Map (GWLD) Huge £45.99

World Wall Map 1:30 Million Laminated (With Flags) (Large) (PP.MAPS1/30MVL) £23.99

Peters Projection World Wall Map (Laminated) £15.95

1:20 Million World Wall Map Laminated (Without Flags) PP.MAPS1/20 £39.99

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World Physical Laminated Wall Map: 1:30 Million - Framed on Pinboard

Global Mapping

  Global Mapping 
Framed Laminated Wall Map, Scale 1:30 000 000, 1360x830mm 
Framed Wall Map 


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This large Physical map of the World accurately depicts relief and terrain detail through a unique blend of digital elevation modelling and realistic surface representation - some 80 million spot heights have been processed to create the hill shading. All major physical features are identified including mountains, rivers, islands, capes and bays. Bathymetric depths are also depicted giving the sea a pleasing appearance. Country borders are subtly defined with fine red lines.

This map is framed in slender, satin finish silver aluminium (also available in gold and black on request). The frame has a very easy and user-friendly mounting system with key hole slots and requires only the fixing of two round headed screws to hang. For delivery within the UK mainland only.

This map is also available as:
World Physical Laminated Wall Map: 1:30 Million
World Physical Laminated Wall Map: 1:30 Million - Framed on Magnetic Board

world physical laminated wall map: 1:30 million - framed on pinboard