Customised UK Road and Postcode Wall Maps

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Customised UK Road and Postcode Wall Maps
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Let us help you create your own Customised UK Road & Postcode Wall Maps Service. Prices start from £75.00 for a paper copy 75 x 107 cm to a large framed magnetic board 107 x 147 cm.

When you have gone through the information below on the various options, please email us at with your requirements. With a quote you will be given samples for approval. Quotes are normally returned to you within 5-7 working days. The lead time for the finished map is normally 10-14 working days on receipt of payment.

Advances in digital print technology now enable us to create maps on demand to your exact specification. We can provide a selection of today's finest digital mapping. Using these resources, you simply decide the area you wish covered (perhaps centred on your business), the style of mapping you like, a suitable scale, and what Postcode boundaries, city inserts and/or radials you would like to include. The choice is yours.
The digital data bases include mapping from the Ordnance Survey and Bartholomew. Do not hunt around for the perfect map, but let us build it for you. Our four map bases all feature: motorway, trunk, A and B roads, county & unitary authority boundaries, cities & towns, range of optional detailed city street plan insets (where applicable), Royal Mail postcode boundaries (selectable at various levels).

Map bases are as follows: Map Marketing - UK Planners Base, Bartholomew - UK Route & Counties Base, Bartholomew Greater London Base & the Ordnance Survey Landranger - Local Base.

Select from these additional features: Postcode Boundaries - We can overlay Postcode boundary information at Area, District and Sector level detail on your chosen map base. The Area gives you the first two letters of the Postcode (e.g. SW). The District Postcode gives you all of the first part of the code (e.g. SW6), while the Sector level Postcode also shows you the next digit in the Postcode (e.g. SW6 3). Health Boundaries - We can now add Health boundary information (including NHS Strategic Health Authority boundaries, Primary Care Group & Trust boundaries, hospitals and surgeries) to our existing range of data sets. Radials - We can incorporate radials around a selected point to mark catchment and delivery areas & mileage or distance indicators. Radials offer a wide variety of business planning applications. Masking - By selecting groups of Postcodes, County/Unitary Authority or Health boundaries we can emphasise an area of interest (perhaps a sales territory or delivery area) by masking out other parts of the map or by adding a coloured border around the selected territory. The styles and colours available are almost limitless - you decide. Logos & Symbols - We can insert your company logo onto the map to help to reinforce your brand or add symbols to show selected locations e.g. other branches or offices. City Plan Insets - We can include detailed, street level city plans as information insets on your base map. Our street level data sets include London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol, Bradford and Glasgow, and we are adding to our range continuously.

Build Your Map - 4 Easy Steps In Making Your Selection. 1. Choose Your Area - determine the geographical area you wish to cover. A centre point along with the radius required, or by county or Postcode covered, or by north, east, south and west points to be included. The final sheet size will vary depending on the coverage and scale you require. 2. Choose Your Map Base - which of our five base options best suits your requirements. If you do not see a map base here that ideally suits you, we are continuously adding to our digital map library. 3. Select Any Additional Features - Postcodes, radials, city insets - you choose. 4. Choose Your Finish - we can supply your unique map in paper, laminated in a dry or wet wipe film (allowing you to update information at a stroke) or laminated & framed in one of 3 options.

GB Bartholomew Map Base

Map Marketing GB Planners Base

Ordnance Survey Landranger Base

Bartholomew GB Street Level Base

Bartholomew Greater London Street Level Base

All bespoke, customised and personalised items that are made to order are non-refundable under the Distance Selling Regulations.

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