Church Stretton & Wenlock Edge 1906 (Map 166)

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Church Stretton & Wenlock Edge 1906  (Map 166)
Church Stretton & Wenlock Edge 1906  (Map 166)
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Church Stretton & Wenlock Edge 1906  (Map 166)
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This One Inch to the Mile map covers a broad expanse of south Shropshire, with coverage stretching from Ratlinghope and the Longmynd eastward to Morville Hall, Aston Eyre and Upton Cressett; and from All Stretton southward to Clungunford and Onibury. A long stretch of Wenlock Edge runs diagonally across much of the map, and Brown Clee Hill, the Longmynd and Caer Caradoc Hill are other much loved landmarks. On the reverse is a detailed map of Wistanstow.

It is not possible to list the many hamlets, farmsteads and other topographical features shown on these maps. However, you might find it useful if we here list the majority of the principal villages and church parishes that are included on this map.
Shropshire: Abdon, Acton Scott, All Stretton, Aston Botterell, Aston Eyre, Burwarton, Cardington, Chetton, Church Stretton, Clee St Margaret, Cleobury North, Clungunford, Cold Weston, Craven Arms, Culmington, Diddlebury, Ditton Priors, Easthope, Farlow, Halford, Heath, Holdgate, Hope Bowdler, Hopesay, Hopton Cangeford, Little Stretton, Loughton, Monkhopton, Munslow, Myndtown, Neenton, Onibury, Ratlinghope, Rushbury, Sibdon Carwood, Silvington, Stanton Lacy, Stanton Long, Stoke St Milborough, Stokesay, Tugford, Upton Cressett, Wentnor, Wheathill, Wistanstow.

These maps normally cover an area of about 18 miles by 12 miles and are especially good at showing railways, roads and canals, and at giving a broad view of a wider area. Each includes an introduction and a more detailed map of a small town or village. 


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