Chart C31: Beach Head to Boulogne

Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson Ltd.

Chart C31: Beach Head to Boulogne
  Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson Ltd. 
Nautical Charts. Folded. 787 x 1118 mm, 1: 200 000 
Imray Home Waters C Charts 


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Plans: Dieppe, Fcamp, St-Valery en Caux, Le Havre Yacht Harbour, Approaches to Le Havre and River Seine, Le Treport, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Sovereign Harbour.

C Charts offer coverage for cruising yachtsmen on larger sized sheets. They are suitable for offshore passage-making and the medium scales chosen also allow safe inshore navigation. They feature: detailed cartography, clear colour definition of shoal and drying areas, large-scale plans of harbours and tidal stream information based on the Admiralty pattern of 'diamonds' as well as the usual tidal constants. Most charts include tidal stream diagrams, details of radio services and information on facilities for yachtsmen, where the scale of the chart is suitable, with telephone numbers. Printed on the reverse is information concerning signs, symbols and abbreviations as well as useful general information about weather and tides and, where relevant, glossaries of foreign terms. These charts are in large format enabling easier working.