Mediterranean Explorer Map

Visitor's Map of the Mediterranean, including the Black Sea

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Mediterranean Explorer Map
Mediterranean Explorer Map
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Mediterranean Explorer Map
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Folded Map, Scale 1:4 700 000, 240 x 170 mm 
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This travel map of the whole Mediterranean region, from Gibraltar to the Black Sea, is the perfect companion for any cruise to the area. Concentrating mainly on its fascinating history, and especially the days of the Greeks and the Romans, the information is recounted in various ways, ranging from a series of mini-biographies of notable people, to a list of rulers, and a Timeline. A variety of topics are discussed, such as early agriculture, trade, money, and Greek myths.

Thumbnail descriptions are given for all the ports and nearby historic sites. In addition, a comprehensive gazeteer outlines the present-day attractions of the Mediterranean. The map is fully illustrated with colour photographs.

Graham Speake, author of "Mount Athos: Renewal in Paradise" and editor of "The Penguin Dictionary of Ancient History", wrote most of the text and acted as consultant for the project.