Maps of Ireland
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Discovery Map 78: Kerry
Discovery Map 78: Kerry £8.25

Maps of Ireland

The best detailed maps of Ireland are the Ordnance Survey Ireland Discovery Maps at 1:50 000. You can view our Discovery maps index maps at Ireland index map

Other popular maps of Ireland are the four holiday maps covering north, south, east & west Ireland, and the most popular The Complete Road Atlas of Ireland.


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Topographic Maps
Ireland - Topographic Maps >

The Irish Ordnance Survey produces a variety of high quality topographic maps of Ireland as well as other maps useful for walking in Ireland & Irish geneology research.

Road Maps
Ireland - Road Maps >

Road maps and atlases of Ireland.

Guide Books
Ireland - Guide Books >

A wide range of guide books to the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland - Dublin >

A selection of guide books and travel guides to Dublin.

Street Maps
Ireland - Street Maps >

Street maps of Ireland including Cork and Galway.

Inland Waterways
Ireland - Inland Waterways >

Inland Waterways maps and guides for the Republic of Ireland.