08: Umbria & Marche Regional Map

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08: Umbria & Marche Regional Map
08: Umbria & Marche Regional Map
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08: Umbria & Marche Regional Map
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Folded Map, Scale 1:200 000, index & road distances 
2016 - OCTOBER 
TCI Regional Maps 
Language:  italian, french, english, german and spanish key. 


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TCI Regional Maps index (may be a large file)

From Borgo S. Lorenzo, S. Sofia, S. Marino, Riccione and down the coast as far as Pescara to Montalto di Casto, Viterbo, Rieti and L'Aquila this regional map of Umbria and Marche at 1:200,000.

The maps have subtle but very effective relief shading plus spot heights to present the topography. Names of mountain ranges, valleys, peaks, etc. are shown and national parks and other protected areas are prominently highlighted.

Road network is presented in great detail, from motorways to dirt tracks navigable only with difficulty. Minor roads are very clear and easy to read and, where necessary, are drawn without generalizing their course, showing the twists and turns across the mountainous terrain. Steep roads are annotated with three levels of gradient markings. Scenic routes are highlighted. Motorways have the usual features such as toll barriers, services, etc.

Railway network shows stations and level crossings and, where appropriate, ferry routes are marked. Towns and villages of particular interest are highlighted, with symbols indicating various monuments, castes, churches, etc. In mountainous areas refuges, cable car lines, chair lifts, etc. are marked. The maps have no geographical co-ordinates. Each title has an extensive index and a distance table on the reverse.

Map legend includes English.