Meuse Waterway Guide: 17

Editions Du Breil

Meuse Waterway Guide: 17
Meuse Waterway Guide: 17
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Meuse Waterway Guide: 17
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  Editions Du Breil 
Paperback, A4, 88pp, 
Waterway Guides 
Language:  English, French, German  


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Waterway Guides index (may be a large file)

Map of Inland Waterways of France Editions du Breil (EDB) publishes a collection of guides to the navigable canals and rivers in France. They are mainly intended for the boating fratenity but are also useful for cyclists and trekkers who wish to discover the French waterways. Each guide has about 100 pages with detailed maps and tourist and technical information in English, French and German. The contents are constantly updated; each guide being renewed on average every two years.

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